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2023-2024 ministry classes

W.A.I.T.J. – Who Am I to Judge?

Children no longer have to suffer in silence and be left behind.  Classes have already started. However, there is room for more! 

S.O.H.S – Standing on His Shoulders

An intergenerational group (ages 25-41) for men to have REAL conversations and interactions regarding everything men confront and deal with in this current age. Starts 12/9/23

S.O.H.S. – Standing on Her Shoulders

(Ages 25-41) - An intergenerational group for women to engage and discuss what is significant to HER. Whether you are dealing with insecurities, self-care, or navigating relationships, you will gain insight, support, and encouragement from this group to conquer life's challenges by building strong connections with other women willing to share and offer their shoulders to stand on.

Starts 12/9/23

Caleb's House Men's Ministry

Invites younger, older, and interfaith men to make a difference in the community.  The theme will be “Let Us Reason Together.” Starts 1/19/24

Fashion Design

Classes that will unleash your creativity and teach the art of drawing, aesthetics, and functionality to clothing and its accessories.

Starts 11/18/23 – Cost $15 per class

Dance classes

Classes that will teach dance techniques that are the foundation for all dance styles.  Check the website for details.


Starts 12/2/23 – Cost $15 per class. 

PLEASE NOTE: All praise dance classes are FREE for Chester residents!

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