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Our Christian Education Model

We believe that the church does not only exist as a spiritual or religious institution, but as an organism designated to educate individuals through ALL ministries, programs, and services. Biblical teaching and discipleship is the core of every Ray at HOPE Point. We believe that true education is experienced through the act of “doing”. Our leadership teams are trained to integrate Chrstian principles, teachings, and service. We know that through relational, missional, diverse, and practical means of creative ministry, individuals within our community will find a place of refuge and grow to become all that God has called them to be.


Ministry Methodology
“Reaching IN to Reach OUT”. We reach into ourselves to reach out to others. It is significant how one prepares for the ministry of outreach. The Christian ministry of teaching, healing, preaching must apply first to those who administer it. It is our goal to continuously examine the depths of our soul to become whole ministers of the Gospel’s message of love and light. We believe that our personal and communal experiences of change will foster dynamic transformation in our community, families, and work spaces.

We first must open ourselves to be changed internally to make an impact externally. Likewise, dynamic external change will spiritually invigorate our passion to complete our ministry mission and assignment: “IN” and “OUT”.



Holistic Ministries

Our holistic ministries seek to build up individuals through active engagement of one’s mind, body, and spirit. Our program focuses on enriching the tri-fold being through biblical principles, teachings, and methods. Our methodology centralizes on carrying out key components to foster growth and positive interactions among persons in our community and institutions of influence.

Hope Point

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